Motor repair introductionOur motor repair departments specialise in the repair and rewind of all types of electric motors and associated equipment.

From our motor repair facilities in Grantham, Lincolnshire and Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, we can offer from stock new three phase, AC Electric motors up to 180 frame, in both two and four pole speeds.
Also available are a range of single phase motors, in capacitor start/capacitor run and permanent capacitor options.

To complete the package, variable speed drives are also available.

With many years’ experience within the electric motor repair industry, we can offer a service on all type of motor rewinds, to include three phase, single phase and DC motors.

At both our Grantham and Peterborough facilities, a full service can be offered for all your engineering needs. From motor gearbox and water pump repairs to the supply of new products.

All types of new replacement motor gearboxes and pumps can be supplied from all the leading manufacturers.

Grantham Electrical has over 70 years’ experience in supplying and servicing both mechanical and electrical products for industrial applications.
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