brake coilsAt both of our repair facilities in Grantham and Peterborough, we can offer the following additional services:

Transformers/Wound Coils

Service, repair and supply of new Transformers, wound coils and ancillary equipment to include;

  • Single to Three Phase Transformers
  • Solenoid Coils
  • Vibrating coil boxes
  • DC Brake coils

Carbon Brushes

Manufactured and supplied to sample or customer specifications. These are available for all types of applications from DC Motors to hand held power tools.

The manufacture of new and replacement cartridge heaters and heating/immersion elements to sample or customer specifications.

Electronic Repairs

Repair and service for all types of electronic equipment including;

  • Printed circuit boards
  • Touch screens
  • Variable speed drives
  • Power supplies
  • DC drive cards

Balancing Service

The balancing of fan impellers and rotor assemblies. On site balancing service available.balancing

Encoders, Resolvers and Tacho Generators

Supply new, service and repair of encoders, resolvers and tacho generators to customer’s specification or to match original equipment specification

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