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We have recently carried out a project with a local Poultry supplier to help them increase the working life of the Motors fitted in their Freezers on site. The customer was experiencing severe problems with Standard Electric Motors which are currently being used as part of the Fan application within the Freezers.

The customer found that the motors were failing prematurely due to bearing failure and most importantly the paint from the Motors flaking off. The Motors are working in temperatures as low as -40° C and had started to become an issue.

We were asked to look at supplying Stainless Steel Motor’s, but due to the KW size of these Motors they are not readily available and extremely expensive. After further discussions with the site Engineers we suggested having Standard Motors modified and powder coated to reduce the risk of the Motor finish flaking. We supplied 2-Off 7.5Kw 4pole B3 Foot Mounted Ac Motors, these units were dismantled and then powder coated in blue. We removed the Motor Cooling Fan and Fan Cowl as at the temperatures the motors are working at they don’t need to be cooled.

The Rotor Assembly had the non drive end modified and the housing was capped off. We coated the Stator Winding with Red Anti Tracking Varnish for extra protection. The Motor Bearings were washed out of the original grease and re-greased using Low temperature grease suitable for -40°C application. All external fixing hardware was changed to Stainless Steel. Finally we fitted a 10 metre lead and fully encapsulated the Terminal Box enclosure.

The motors have now been supplied to the site and have been fitted and are currently undergoing trials and observation to see if this cures the ongoing problems our customer was experiencing. If the motors are successful and the customer is happy with what has been supplied there is the possibility they may require 8 more to complete the change in all of their freezers. The supply and modifications of these Motors has been done at a fraction of the cost compared to the supply of Stainless Steel Motor replacements.

Rotor AssemblyRotor Assembly