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We have just completed probably one of the smallest Stator Rewinds we have seen in our Repair Department. This stator required the full concentration and skill of our Winding Shop Team Leader to carry out this work. This is a JTSR35313 Stator which was sent to us to see if we could rewind back to the original specification.

The Motor this Stator is from is rated at 220 volt, 120000 rpm, 2000 Hz with a Core Length of only 25mm. We had to create a new set of Winding Formers for our machine to enable the Engineer to replicate the original coil size. This is a 2 pole shared slot winding with an internal delta connection, also fitted with 1 pair and 1 single set of thermistors.

We are very pleased with the outcome of the rewind which shows the depth of skill we now have within the department when it comes to rewinds of basically any size.