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We have recently carried out a Pump Repair at our Grantham Works for a new customer who specialises in Land Drainage.

This is probably the largest Pump we have had to service at our Works.

The Pump was collected from our Customers site and brought into our works at Grantham. We dismantled the unit and had all the parts shot blasted to remove all the old paintwork and debris. The Winding was then steam cleaned, stoved in our oven to recover insulation and resistance values and then re-impregnated using Class H polyester resin. All serviceable parts were then cleaned and inspected. New bearings and mechanical seals were sourced for the Pump. We replaced the power cables and fitted all new stainless steel hardware as the old fixings had become so badly corroded they had to be drilled out.

The Pump was then re-assembled, tested and painted, and is now waiting for instruction from the customer to when we can return this to site.