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We have been working with a specialist Fan manufacturer to upgrade and install a New replacement Oven Extraction System at JDM Food Group at Bicker, Lincolnshire.

The original part of the project involved site visits to establish what JDM required and the problems they were currently experiencing with their current extraction. It was decided that the first course of action would be to balance the existing Fan Impeller at site. This would enable the extraction to keep working why the replacement system was being manufactured. If the extraction failed before the replacement unit is installed it would be catastrophic for the site as this would prevent them being able to cook the product required for customer demands. It also allowed us while balancing the Impeller to gain the correct air flow readings needed for the new system.

As another part of the project we supplied a replacement TEC 55Kw 4 pole Foot Mounted Ac Motor to power the new extraction system. As this Motor is being pulley driven we ensured a Roller Bearing was fitted in the drive end. The new system has now been manufactured and delivered to site awaiting installation. This will be carried out early in July. With all three companies working closely together we have been able to find and solve along running problem for the JDM Food Group.

Old Fan

New Fan